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Service of Process

$75.00 USD - One Defendant

$100.00 USD - One Defendant/Document Retrieval 

$105.00 USD - Two Defendants (one address) 

$130.00 USD - Two Defendants (one address)/Document Retrieval 

$100.00 USD - Rush Fee- One Defendant 

$155.00 USD - Rush Fee- Two Defendants

Mobile Notary

$25.00 USD


Rush Fee

$25.00 USD (add-on)

Same Day Fee

Please contact us for a quote as routes are not always flexible, but often can be. Thank you!

Skip Trace

$65.00 USD 


Courier or Document Retrieval

$25.00 USD

SUBMIT PAYMENT - Select your service request and click pay now. For special circumstances, please email before purchasing. If an add-on is needed, please remit two separate payments to account for the add-on fee. 

Red Eye Process


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